Everything You Need to Know About Franklin Home Power

Company & product · Dec 16, 2022

Franklin Home Power (FHP) is a whole home energy management and storage solution designed and manufactured by FranklinWH. It is an innovative technology to address the market need for a more stable and environmentally friendly home energy supply.

What is a home energy management & storage system?

In the current market, the most common reason to store energy is to increase the productivity of solar power. It is quite convenient to install a home battery and store the extra solar power generated by solar panels (PV) for use at times when they aren’t as productive.

That's why home batteries are becoming more popular. People have started to realize that PV alone can’t get them energy independence. With home battery storage, they move closer to the promise.

A battery alone, however, is not a complete solution. An intelligent device is needed to manage the energy input and output, making the battery system safer and more robust.

Therefore, a home energy management & storage system is a household solution that connects with PV systems, batteries, the grid, generators, and even unique household loads, to balance energy sources to provide a stable household power supply.

Why do we need a home energy management & storage system?

Europe and North America have suffered multiple recent energy crises due to unpredictable political situations. It has been proven that being too dependent on resources from other countries could be unreliable. Being energy-independent has never been so critical.

From the view of a single family, the grid is becoming more unstable. With the energy supply getting unstable even more, it is reasonable to develop our own energy source. Solar energy has become a clear choice for home energy capture and production. It is clean and unlimited, and the technology is mature. Linking PV systems to energy management and storage makes sense.

Because of the advantages of linking PV and storage, many states have incentive programs that encourage residents to install home energy storage products to reduce electricity use demand. As time goes by, installing a home energy storage will become a common choice.

How can a home energy management & storage system help you?

a. Power outages

When there are power outages, whether it's a short brownout, or minutes-long blackout, or a long outage during extreme weather, a home energy storage can power the house using the stored energy. A typical use is to charge the battery with excess generated solar energy and then use it when needed.

b. Lower bills

Utility operators are moving to demand pricing, charging different rates in different periods. The stronger the demand, the higher the rates. With home energy storage, homeowners can charge the battery during low-rate periods and use the battery to power the house during high-rate periods.

c. Clean energy

With home energy storage, homeowners can reduce their dependence on the grid, so that fewer fossil fuels will be consumed. The solar power homeowners generate and use is completely clean energy, which improves the environment.

What is Franklin Home Power?

The FHP is a whole home energy management and storage solution that provides those benefits.

The FHP system has two primary components: the aGate and aPower.

The aGate is an intelligent energy management device and power distribution center. It provides the ability to safeguard the main panel, often avoiding the need for an expensive main panel upgrade. Through its optional Smart Circuits Module, the aGate also provides intelligent management of up to three additional large loads of the homeowner's choice, including HVAC, pool heating, or electric vehicle charging. Its user-friendly app prompts homeowners to modify consumption when needed or sell power back to the grid at peak rates.

The aPower battery contains a DC to AC bi-directional inverter and lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) cells. It offers the highest AC battery capacity on the market. It can connect easily with existing solar systems while scaling up to 15 units for a total of 204 kWh to offer maximum home comfort. The aPower has a built-in inverter that can automatically transform DC to AC. No extra inverter is needed.

Why Franklin Home Power?

a. Safer

FranklinWH Home Battery relies on Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells which are much safer than older cell types. The LFP cells are extremely fire resistant and have received the UL9540a certification for fire prevention. The FHP system also has an IP67 water resistance rating which allowed it to work partially submerged during Hurricane Ian. West Coast seismic areas can rest easy with the AC156 seismic safety rating.

b. Powerful capacity

The aPower battery has storage of 13.6 kWh, which is enough for whole-home usage. For higher energy use homes, up to 15 aPower’s can be controlled by a single aGate, achieving a 204 kWh storage in total. Each aPower provides 5 kW continuous output, 10 kW peak discharge power for 10 seconds, and 43 MWh as aggregate throughput. In plain language, the FHP system can support heavy home loads and supply power fast.

c. Multiple functions

The aGate has three Smart Circuits that can connect to heavy house loads or sub-panels. Homeowners can control these three circuits, manually or by schedule, through the FranklinWH app.

The FHP system can also connect to and manage other power sources such as a generator.

The FranklinWH app allows homeowners to monitor historical and real-time data on home power. Homeowners can set different modes for the FHP system through the app: backup, self-consumption, and time of use. Hawaii residents can set a battery-bonus mode to conveniently match the local battery bonus program.

d. Convenient to install and use

The FHP system can adapt to any PV inverter. The sleek design of both the outside and inside makes it easy to install and commission. Normally the installation will only take 2-3 hours and be good to go.

e. On-grid & Off-grid

During power outages, the FHP system can create a microgrid with solar panels and a generator to power the house. Even under normal conditions, homeowners can use the FHP system to live off-grid and gain complete energy independence.

f. 12-year warranty

Yes, Franklin Home Power offers a longer warranty of 12 years, which offers homeowners a hassle-free after-sales experience.

How to get Franklin Home Power?

a. Go to FranklinWH and leave a message on the contact form. We will respond to you and connect you with an installer.

b. Go to any of FranklinWH's partnered installers. If you don't know who they are, leave a message on FranklinWH’s website.


Adding a home energy management and storage system will be an inevitable choice for many families. It will become as common as solar panels. The earlier you get it, the more energy savings you will gain, and the faster you will move to energy independence.

The Franklin Home Power system is the best home energy management and storage solution available. Homeowners will gain true whole-home energy independence and management with an FHP system.

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