The Reliability and Partnership of FranklinWH Energy Management Systems: Insights from Industry Professionals

Industry insights · May 21, 2024

In a recent interview, Joe Ordia, CEO of Solar Surge, David Inda, Founder of Indaspec, and Saul Inda, COO of Indaspec, discussed the reasons behind selecting the FranklinWH energy management system for their installation projects, emphasizing reliability, minimal post-installation maintenance, and strong manufacturer support.

Reliability as a Key Factor

Saul highlighted reliability as the foremost reason for choosing the FranklinWH energy management system. According to him, the FranklinWH system has consistently proven to be reliable, which is crucial for ensuring that the system performs well during power outages.

The ease of use of the accompanying app and the system's upgradability were also significant considerations. Homeowners can easily monitor the functionality of the system through the app and can upgrade storage or add components such as generators as needed. This flexibility ensures that the system can grow with the homeowner's needs, providing long-term value and peace of mind.

Minimizing Onsite Time for Contractors

Joe pointed out the importance of minimizing onsite time for contractors to maintain healthy profit margins. Saul affirmed that the FranklinWH system requires minimal post-installation support, which is a critical advantage.

The system's robustness means that once installed, it rarely needs servicing, reducing the need for contractors to make additional site visits. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with older systems from other brands, which often require more frequent maintenance and troubleshooting.

Saul noted that any issues with FranklinWH systems were typically related to site-specific factors, such as connectivity problems due to changes in the homeowner's wireless router, rather than the battery system itself.

Franklin batteries

Reduced Post-Installation Support

The minimal need for post-installation support with the FranklinWH system translates to fewer worries for both the contractors and the homeowners. Saul mentioned that they rarely encounter issues with Franklin batteries, and most problems are minor and related to connectivity rather than hardware faults.

This reliability is crucial during power outages, especially when severe weather is expected. Contractors feel more confident in the FranklinWH systems, reducing the stress associated with older systems that might fail during critical times.

Strong Manufacturer Support

David elaborated on another significant advantage of choosing FranklinWH: the exceptional support provided by the manufacturer. Unlike other battery manufacturers, FranklinWH has been highly responsive and supportive, treating contractors as partners.

This strong relationship ensures that any required upgrades or integrations are smoothly handled, and any issues that arise are quickly addressed. The sense of partnership extends beyond mere transactions, fostering a collaborative environment that benefits both the contractors and the homeowners.

FranklinWH battery system

Long-Term Partnership and Support

Joe concluded the interview by emphasizing the importance of viewing the installation of a home battery system as a long-term partnership among the owner, contractor, and manufacturer. This partnership ensures that the system remains reliable and functional over its expected lifespan of 20 to 30 years.

All three underscored that choosing a system like FranklinWH is not just about the initial purchase but about ongoing support and collaboration to maintain the system's health and performance.

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