How to Calculate How Many aPower Batteries You'll Need?

Company & product · Aug 9, 2023

FranklinWH is a technology company that designs and manufactures home energy management and storage systems called Franklin Home Power (FHP).

There are two primary components of the FHP system: the aGate is an intelligent controller that manages traditional as well as renewable energy sources, and the aPower is an AC-coupled LFP battery with 13.6 kWh storage.

One of the most frequently asked questions from homeowners is how to figure out how many aPower batteries are needed to support their home needs at the most reasonable price.

In this article, we will introduce a high-level way to estimate how many Franklin batteries are appropriate for your home. Always work closely with your installer to create an in-depth estimate.

Franklin Home Power


One aPower Battery

A single aPower battery provides 13.6 kWh energy storage, with 5 kW constant power and 10 kW surge power for 10 seconds. Let's find out what appliances meet these requirements.

The image below presents the power of typical household appliances.

Household appliances power list

We can clearly know that a single aPower can support most home appliances.

The most frequently used home appliances are computer, lights, television, refrigerator, stove, microwave, Internet router, and air conditioner.

A single aPower can cover heavier use appliances when running at the same time. For example, a dishwasher, a laptop, and a washing machine can be supplied by a single aPower when running at the same time. A television, dishwasher, and a central AC (10,000 BTU) at the same time.

However, in busy households, a single aPower may not be enough.

One Franklin battery


Two aPower Batteries

With two aPower batteries, you'll have 27.2 kWh storage, 10 kW continuous power, and 20 kW surge power for 10 seconds. Let's see what you can do now.

It will cover large appliances such as central AC (24,000 BTU), a clothes dryer, or a heat pump while also running the normal household loads mentioned above.

Two aPower batteries should be fine as a brownout or short blackout backup for a larger home; but it may not be enough for off-grid living, if there is a large family, or if you simply want to charge your EV every day.

Two Franklin batteries


Three aPower Batteries

Aha, now you are getting there!

Three aPower batteries will provide you with energy freedom with a powerful capacity that is enough for powering a big house with heavy-duty appliances.

You will most likely be able to live off-grid with three aPower batteries and solar production. You can make most of your solar energy or charge the batteries during off-peak hours.

Franklin batteries


More aPower Batteries...

You will surely have energy freedom with four or more aPower batteries. The energy you store will be used to fulfill all your energy needs for even large homes.

Multiple Franklin batteries


Last Words

Different people have different demands for home batteries. Some only want to have backup power during power outages, while some want to have complete energy independence and security.

Since the FranklinWH energy management system is able to integrate traditional energy sources, such as the grid and a generator, as well as renewable energy sources such as solar, you're 100% protected with energy supply even if one or two energy sources are not working.

FranklinWH is a way of taking complete control of your home energy management and storage.

We recommend you evaluate your energy demand as well as your household appliances and make the calculation.

You can go to this page to calculate in detail. Always consult with your installers. They are the experts and will help you understand your detailed energy needs and design a FranklinWH system that will meet those needs.

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