Leveraging Incentives for Battery Adoption in the Northeast

Financial Incentives · Oct 25, 2023

In recent years, the Northeast region of the United States has seen a growing interest in energy storage solutions, particularly battery storage. This surge in curiosity is largely due to the various incentive programs designed to encourage homeowners to adopt home energy management solutions.

One of the most intriguing of these programs is the ConnectedSolutions program, which covers Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. In this article, we'll explore the landscape of battery incentives in the Northeast, focusing on the ConnectedSolutions program, the Energy Storage Solutions program, and other industry trends in the area.

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ConnectedSolutions Program

The ConnectedSolutions program is a demand response initiative available to National Grid and Eversource customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. What sets it apart is its generous incentive structure, offering $275 for every kilowatt of electricity sold back to the grid. The program will feed the grid during the summer months, from June to September, between 3 to 8 p.m.

Participating utility companies, including National Grid and Eversource, are at the forefront of offering these incentives, but Cape Light Compact and Rhode Island Energy also play a significant role. 

More recently, FranklinWH joined the Program, allowing homeowners in the region to gain incentives. In fact, FranklinWH recently commissioned its first two-system installation in Massachusetts, making the homeowner eligible for incentives throughout the summer.

What distinguishes the ConnectedSolutions program is its duration. It spans five summers, benefiting homeowners during the first five years of having a battery installed, starting from the commissioning date. This extended period allows homeowners to reap the rewards of their investment over a substantial timeframe, ensuring a long-lasting financial advantage.

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Energy Storage Solutions Program

As a leading participant in green energy, Green Bank in Connecticut offers what’s often considered one of the most rewarding incentive programs in the country: the Energy Storage Solutions program. Upon commissioning, customers can qualify for up to $7,500 per system. What's more, the storage size for this incentive is set to increase to a substantial 15-kilowatt battery. This makes Connecticut the home of the largest battery incentives in the country.

Moreover, the Green Bank program offers additional benefits for underserved community installations, potentially doubling or even tripling the incentives available to homeowners. In essence, a single FranklinWH battery could pay for itself multiple times over in Connecticut, making it an attractive proposition for homeowners.

Tailoring Solutions to Homeowners' Needs

One common question that arises when promoting batteries in regions with low storage attachment rates is how to effectively engage homeowners. The key is to prioritize homeowners' needs and preferences. Rather than pushing battery solutions from the outset, the approach should be to understand the homeowner's specific requirements.

There are two key reasons for battery storage, time-of-use (TOU) cost savings and backup during outages. TOU is the tactic of storing solar-generated power to use during peak demand, and high-priced, evening hours in order to lower utility bills. 

With ever-increasing grid outages, backup power is also important. This means assessing whether homeowners want power backup for their entire house, just specific appliances or circuits, or even moving their entire home completely off the grid. 

By understanding their needs, you can calculate the number of batteries required to meet those needs and build the system accordingly. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels can be integrated as a complementary solution, but the battery system should be tailored to the homeowner's specific requirements. This approach not only ensures customer satisfaction but also simplifies the process.

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Integration of Energy Storage and Generators

In addition to energy management with battery storage, there's a growing interest in integrating generators, offering a second backup for homes in the event of power outages.

Integrating generators and battery systems is becoming increasingly popular in the Northeast. Added to grid and solar power, generators offer homeowners additional peace of mind.

FranklinWH energy management system is a robust home energy solution that integrates solar, grid, battery, and generator together, achieving true energy freedom.


The Northeast is rapidly becoming a hotbed for battery adoption, thanks in large part to incentive programs such as ConnectedSolutions. The unique features, extended duration, and rich incentives make it an attractive proposition for homeowners looking to embrace energy storage.

Moreover, the emphasis on tailoring solutions to homeowners' needs and the integration of generators showcase a customer-centric approach that simplifies the transition to battery-powered homes.

With growing awareness and evolving programs, the future of energy storage in the Northeast looks promising. Homeowners in the region have every reason to explore the benefits of batteries and take advantage of the incentives on offer, ultimately contributing to a more resilient and sustainable energy landscape.

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