The Biggest Puzzle in the Industry: What is the WH in FranklinWH?

Company & product · Feb 20, 2024

FranklinWH is a company that designs and manufactures home energy management and storage solutions.

We named our company in honor of the father of battery - Benjamin Franklin, who invented the term "battery,” and made a tremendous contribution to our knowledge of electricity.

So, what about the "WH" after Franklin?

As shouldn’t be a surprise, coming from a company focused on R&D, it's the brainchild of a bunch of tech geeks – our founders.

"WH" initially stood for "watt-hour," using the unit of energy to reflect the company's mission of creating optimized home energy management systems.

One day, a brilliant person suggested that we change the meaning from "watt-hour" to "whole home," which better suits the market we serve, also adding a sense of hospitality.

Immediately, we took the advice. Our products provide whole-home energy management and storage. It also doesn’t hurt that we feel Franklin Whole Home sounds a lot more attractive than Franklin Watt Hour.

That's how FranklinWH was born.

Definitely. We are open to changes. To brainstorm, FranklinWH could also mean "Franklin Whatever & However", which represents "Whenever you need energy, you will get it. However you want to use your energy, it depends on you."

How about Franklin Wise Home? Our intelligent home energy management system is a wise decision for your home.

Franklin Worry-free Home. Our reliable home energy management system powers your home with uninterrupted energy.

The list could go on...

Our mission of delivering the experience of complete energy freedom and independence to homeowners will never change. Life with FranklinWH is a life with quality.

What really matters is how FranklinWH is changing the industry, regardless of what WH is.

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Let's write the FranklinWH story together.

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