Introducing aPbox to Improve Handling of Larger Solar Production

Company & product · Mar 21, 2023

FranklinWH announces an additional Franklin Home Power (FHP) system component, the aPbox, to support more diverse solar installation scenarios.

The FranklinWH aPbox is a junction that provides an intelligent solution for households with more complex solar installations. It solves problems such as over-generating PV systems, oversize PV systems, and wiring restrictions.

Over-generating PV systems

Normally, FranklinWH would recommend the power ratio between the PV system and the aPower batteries be 1:1, which means the power of the PV system should be equal to or less than the total continuous charge power of the batteries.

For example, if you have or install a 10kW PV system, we recommend installing two aPower batteries, as the continuous charge power per aPower battery is 5kW.

Some homeowners don’t want to install that many batteries, which means the power of their PV systems may be more than the power of the battery. They can install an aPbox to distribute the extra power directly to the load side through the aGate or send the power to the grid if permitted.

Oversize PV systems

If the power ratio between the PV system and aPower batteries is equal to or less than 1:1, there might be circumstances where the overall power of the PV system is more than 15kW. As the maximum supported power per aGate is 15kW, an aPbox can provide an extra 15kW power volume to support the extra PV supply. Each aGate can connect up to 2 aPboxes.

Together, an FHP system with an aPbox can support a maximum of 30kW PV system, which provides a powerful solution for homeowners.

Wiring restrictions

In some situations, the installation of the FHP system may require changing the power lines of the house in order to connect the PV system and the aGate, which may lead to a large additional investment.

In this circumstance, an aPbox can act as a transfer station to provide a connection between the PV system and aGate without changing the house’s power lines, therefore providing significant cost savings.

We know homeowners have different demands for home energy storage. The launch of the FranklinWH aPbox will give homeowners additional freedom to balance battery storage and PV capacity. With the aPbox, your Franklin Home Power system becomes more powerful and can adapt to more diverse solar scenarios.

Check the datasheet of aPbox: FranklinWH aPbox.

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