Home Energy Management and Batteries Enhance Residential Solar Systems

Home energy management · Nov 3, 2022

Many people have converted to solar energy systems to gain multiple benefits for their homes and the environment. However, if you live in an area that is prone to frequent power outages or want to increase the efficiency of solar usage, looking for an energy management system that combines solar with battery storage would be a wise move. 

How do residential solar systems with battery storage work?

During regular operations, excess solar energy produced during the day is lost and can’t be used at night. During a power outage, solar panels alone must shut down due to safety regulations. Adding battery storage allows you to leverage your solar energy production far more efficiently.

A home energy management system solves both problems, acting as a buffer between the solar system and the grid, so solar production can continue during outages. The batteries also act to supply additional power during outages and provide that green, solar energy for use in the evenings, when high demand increases the cost of grid power.

By combining a residential solar system with home energy management and battery storage, you can increase your use of solar energy regardless of the circumstance, season, or weather.

Benefits home energy management with solar and battery

  • Self-sufficient energy at your fingertips: While most areas require solar-powered households to be still connected to the local utility source, having a residential solar system with battery storage makes your home more energy self-sufficient. If ever there’s a blackout in your neighborhood, your home is the least likely to be affected due to battery storage.
  • Protection from frequent power outages: If you use a solar energy system with battery storage, the electricity generated during the day can be used to power your household during power outages. 
  • Easy monitoring and control: Home energy management doesn’t only balance power sources for your benefit, the systems provide instance access for monitoring and control through mobile apps. You can set up energy-saving electricity schedules in your household.
  • Leverage low-cost energy: With electricity rates increasing, home energy management systems can balance your power sources to minimize grid consumption and save you money. 
  • A home energy management system can be configured to help you maximize the use of solar and batteries in high-demand periods, lowering your bills.

Next-generation home energy management and storage solutions

Whether you already have a residential solar system or are looking to install one, adding a home energy management system with battery storage is smart.

You will increase your use of your solar energy production, and you can load shift to minimize grid usage. At Franklin WH, we focus on home energy management that combines solar, batteries, the grid, and even generators into a whole-home solution that provides safety, reliability, and energy independence.

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