Franklin Home Power Can Be the Solution for Homeowners to Survive Grid Outages

Company & product · Sep 19, 2022

California is experiencing yet another heatwave and the utility grid is again at risk. California Governor Gavin Newsom stated that the emergency would cover the entire state. The California Independent System Operator issued a level-1 energy emergency alert after using all its available power supplies. The state is anticipating power shortages and officials asked for energy conservation in homes and businesses. The FranklinWH home energy management solution can help homeowners weather the storms of increasing grid frailty.

The Franklin Home Power (FHP) system manages the energy from multiple sources, integrating grid, solar, Franklin aPower batteries, and even generators, into a complete home energy solution. With the ability to switch from grid to battery backup in 15ms, the FHP system protects home devices and perishables from outages, brownouts, and surges. When the grid is operating, the FHP can also load balance between sources to optimize power use to minimize utility bills, and even manage excess solar energy feedback to the grid, where operators permit. Homeowners can manage and audit functionality and performance through an easy-to-use mobile phone app.

There is no better time than now to have a home energy management system. As the temperature continues to increase, we know that the electrical grid is stressed. Integrating FranklinWH improves the efficiency of solar production by saving that energy for peak use times, including in the evening.

As Governor Gavin Newsom said, "It's pretty clear Mother Nature has outrun us. The reality is we're living in an age of extremes – extreme heat, extreme drought." With the climate changes in California, adding FranklinWH energy management with storage to homes will be an inevitable choice for residents.

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