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A Journey to Energy Independence

A look back at 2022 and things to look for in 2023

Time: 2022-12-29 06:08:42 PM

a journey to energy independence

2022 has been an amazing year. In January, Franklin Home Power (FHP) was first launched into the market. The FranklinWH team has worked hard to make the FHP system reach more homes. The first year of any business is challenging, and we are proud of what we have achieved.

North America and Europe suffered severe energy crises due to unpredictable political situations and changing climate conditions in the past year. Energy independence has never been so critical. It is a necessary move to transfer to clean energy, which is unlimited, free, and environmental-friendly.

Given those challenges, the FHP reached a number of key milestones in its first year, all aimed at serving the homeowner. In May 2022, the FHP was approved for California's Self-Generation Incentive Program, and in July 2022, it was approved for the Hawaii Battery Bonus Program. In the same month, FranklinWH was approved for Mosaic and GoodLeap AVLs to offer better financial options to homeowners. In December, the FHP system was voted the leading battery/storage brand in 2022 by the Solar Power World Community.

On the distribution side, FranklinWH has partnered with a considerable number of nationwide distributors and certified installers in order to increase the availability of the FHP to homeowners looking for the benefits of modern home energy management. To date, FranklinWH has achieved thousands of sales volumes in total.

The FHP systems were installed in homes from Hawaii to North Carolina, Texas to New Jersey, and California to Florida. It is worth mentioning that FranklinWH donated one FHP to a non-profit youth camp on an isolated island in North Carolina, helping to solve the off-grid energy use challenge they have. One homeowner in Florida reached out to his installer to say his FHP was still working when aPower was partially submerged during hurricane Ian.

In Q4, FranklinWH launched its generator module for the FHP’s aGate. It integrates standby generators into home energy management alongside the grid, solar, and aPower batteries. This achievement shows that an integrated home energy management device is essential for achieving true home energy independence.

"We would like to thank all of our business partners and homeowners for their support of and trust in FranklinWH. We have a mission of making the best whole home energy management solution. Regardless of what is in store in 2023 and beyond, FranklinWH will remain focused on product availability combined with high-quality service."  -- Gary Lam, General Manager and Co-Founder of FranklinWH.

FranklinWH is happy to continue to contribute towards energy independence going forward. In 2023, as our distributors and installers continue to cover the entire nation, we can serve more homeowners. Already listed in many incentive programs and financial programs, the FHP provides many benefits to homeowners beyond the basics of home energy management and backup.

This has been a great first year, while the best is yet to come. We invite you to join us on this journey. FranklinWH will continue to help homeowners gain energy independence.

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