Seamless Sustainability: FranklinWH Empowers Modest Homes with Reliable Renewable Energy Solutions

Adelaide, South Australia
Australia Moore Energy Pty Ltd
System Allocation
1 aGate + 1 aPower
System Size
13.6 kWh


Protect the cozy home during power outages that mostly happen during stormy weather or heatwaves, when the electricity supply is essential and the grid is vulnerable, and advance the transition towards renewable energy.


A home energy management system integrating a 6.4 kW solar panel system and 13.6 kWh of battery storage.


Energy resilience during outages
Sustainable lifestyle
Electricity bill saving


Peter and Marianne originally lived in a large, energy-efficient home in the Barossa Valley. However, work commitments led them to move to a smaller house in a suburb near Adelaide. Their decision was influenced by the house's solid construction, quiet location, and proximity to the city.

Their new home, a rental for many years, required extensive renovations. Emphasizing energy efficiency, they upgraded the construction with double-glazed windows, increased ceiling insulation, and added shading. They replaced gas appliances with energy-efficient electric ones, in the process embracing minimalism and downsizing.

Solar Panel Integration

As part of the renovation, Peter and Marianne installed a 6.4 kW solar panel system with a 5 kW inverter. The north/south alignment of the house and winter shading on the west prompted them to install panels on both the east and west-facing roofs. Their energy-efficient home allowed them to export more energy to the grid than they imported so they get the credit back during winter times when sunshine is lessened, resulting in no electricity bills for most of the year.

Despite having no electricity bills, they decided to add a battery system for energy reliability. With an average of two grid outages per year and the anticipation of more disruptions due to the transition to renewable energy, they sought a solution to ensure uninterrupted power during critical times.

"The battery was never about electricity bills, but energy reliability. Our network providers have warned us that more electricity outages will occur in the future as the transition to total renewable energy progresses. Outages usually occur at the worst possible time, for example during stormy weather or a heatwave. The very times when electricity supply is essential. The changing climate is likely to make our heat waves more intense and of longer duration. We wanted to mitigate those eventualities." - Peter Fischer, the homeowner



FranklinWH vs. Diesel Generator

Considering backup power options, the family contemplated a diesel generator. However, concerns about introducing a carbon-polluting source and the occasional use of the generator led them to opt for the FranklinWH system. The battery's role in storing solar energy for nighttime use is also aligned with their commitment to total renewable energy, meanwhile contributing to the overall bill saving.

Initial Impressions of the FranklinWH System

The installation was professional despite it being the first FranklinWH installation of the installer, Australia Moore Energy Pty Ltd, ensuring a smooth process. The homeowner had a positive experience during a two-hour grid outage shortly after system installation. The seamless transition and the user-friendly FranklinWH App left them impressed with the system's performance and ease of use.

"We had a two-hour grid outage three days after the system was installed when a tree fell on powerlines in our street during a storm. The battery kicked in seamlessly, and we were only aware the grid had been restored when the app notified us. The app is very impressive. It is well-designed and simple to use. Everything that is happening energy-wise is available at a glance." - Peter Fischer, the homeowner

Installation Summary

Client: Peter Fischer
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Installer: Australia Moore Energy Pty Ltd
System Allocation: 1 aGate + 1 aPower
System Size: 13.6 kWh