FranklinWH Enhances Operational Efficiency and Resilience at a Motel

161a March Street, Richmond, NSW, AU
Aussie Hybrid Solar
System Allocation
3 aGates + 4 aPowers
System Size
54.5 kWh
Colonial Motel


Colonial Motel’s daily operations consume a huge amount of electricity. Rising energy prices caused a notable pressure to motel’s costs. Meanwhile, occasional power outages would cut into the motel’s services and damage the business.


A Franklin Home Power energy management system was installed. It includes four aPower batteries to provide a robust 54.5 kWh energy storage to maximise motel’s solar usage, significantly reduce electric bills, and supply stable backup power during grid outages.

Result ( check the case video here )

• Electricity bill reduction
• Stable backup power 
• Peace of mind

Increasing Energy Price Causes Notable Pressure to Motel’s Operation

Daniel, Head of Operations at Colonial Motel, ensures the smooth running of the 38 rooms motel. As a place offering comfortable living experience to customers, the motel provides an array of electrical appliances such as laundry machines, computers and telephone systems, air conditioners, and constant lighting.

With rising energy prices, Daniel felt increasing pressure on the motel’s operations. He was also worried about the periodic power outages which would cause an unpleasant customer experience. Daniel began to seek a reliable backup solution to alleviate the pressure of increasing energy costs and ensure there is reliable backup power.

A Power Outage that Led the Motel to FranklinWH

Before implementing FranklinWH system, the motel experienced significant downtime during blackouts. The computer system went dead, causing business problems. Customers were also inconvenienced. It was then that Daniel decided to get an energy backup solution for the motel.

Jason, Director of Aussie Hybrid Solar, recommended the FranklinWH energy management and storage system to Daniel. Impressed with FranklinWH’s achievements in the United States, Jason believed FranklinWH would be the best solution for the motel.

“We are a very brand-focused company. We don't use any brand. We got to select as a premium brand to start with. FranklinWH is quite successful and a famous battery brand in the United States.” -- Jason, Director of Aussie Hybrid Solar

Recognizing its premium brand reputation and compatibility with existing solar systems, Daniel opted for the FranklinWH system. The AC-coupled nature of the system also allows a seamless integration into the motel’s infrastructure.

The FranklinWH solution contains two primary units: aGate and aPower. The aGate is the intelligent management panel which integrates solar, grid, batteries, and generator to efficiently manage energy production and consumption. The aPower is an AC-coupled battery with 13.6 kWh storage, using extremely safe LFP battery chemistry, and can be scaled up to 15 units per aGate. Through the FranklinWH App, users can monitor and manage the energy status of the whole facility in real time.

Four FranklinWH Batteries, Stronger Energy Resilience than Ever

After carefully measuring and analysing the motel’s existing 40 kW PV system and historical energy consumption, Jason presented a solution of three aGates and four aPowers, a totaling robust 54.5 kWh capacity, as one FranklinWH system to satisfy the motel’s operational needs.

“This commercial site is actually using a lot of power. The load is very high and after we swapped them into FranklinWH batteries, bang, it worked. And the FranklinWH team also helped us keep monitoring the site, so we are very happy with the after-sale service. Also, this project went ahead smoothly with the FranklinWH battery. If it wasn't for the FranklinWH batteries, we might be stuck with an unresolvable problem with other batteries.” -- Jason, Director of Aussie Hybrid Solar

The Benefits are Showing

The implementation of FranklinWH solution not only addressed motel’s immediate need for reliable backup power but also positioned them for long-term energy efficiency and sustainability. The seamless integration and exceptional performance of FranklinWH system have solidified the role as a trusted partner in motel’s operations.

“Before the battery systems were installed, when there was a blackout our whole system was dead, so we couldn't do anything for hours. But now, after the new system is installed, we can operate well for a few more hours while the battery is there, so that's a big help for us.” -- Daniel, Head of Operations at Colonial Motel

Meanwhile, the easy operation and convenient monitoring through the FranklinWH App provide Daniel and his team with peace of mind and proactive maintenance opportunities. Its textured design and 12-year warranty also impressed Daniel.

“The fact that you can check it on the app also helps a lot. You could just go anywhere in the world and still check the battery is working quite well. The design of the FranklinWH battery looks great. As you can see, it just looks very good and very modern. With the 12-year warranty, it's a very long time.” -- Daniel, Head of Operations at Colonial Motel