Summer CALSSA Installer Road Trip

Time: Aug 31, 2022 05:56:29 AM

It's summer, and there's no time better for a road trip with friends.

In August, the FranklinWH team did just that. Packing up the essentials we hit the road as a sponsor of the California Solar & Storage Association (CALSSA) regional installer tour.

And it was quite a road trip: Three weeks. Six CALSSA regions. 553 miles. Over 200 installer guests. One great cause.

From August 1 to August 18, we visited chapter meetings in each of CALSSA's six regions, enjoying the chance to catch up with CALSSA members including installers, regional city planners, inspectors, and other officials. All told, the road trip covered 553 miles from the Sacramento Chapter to the San Diego Chapter ― with stops at four CALSSA regions in between.

Brews and appetizers weren't the only items on the evening event happy hour menu. CALSSA served up the latest on Net Energy Metering (NEM), matters in the legislature, and other topics the association is focused on to promote the widespread deployment of smart, local, clean energy technologies and support the businesses that are building a better energy future in California. 

As CALSSA members, we value the association as a trusted source of information and how hard they fight every day on behalf of all California solar stakeholders. It's clear that our solar and battery installers colleagues do too. CALSSA events such as these present an opportunity to put aside the competitive nature of business and come together to celebrate their love of solar power and the vitality of our planet and to recognize that, with CALSSA on their side, they are stronger together.

We certainly weren't surprised that NEM 3.0 captivated much of the conversation. If approved, it will significantly alter the utility bill structure, rates, and charges for homeowners going solar and ultimately reduce monthly energy bill savings. That's something installers are obviously excited about.

With the passing of NEM 3.0 in California still facing a hefty battle, installers took comfort in hearing that the FranklinWH system is built to be future forward. As a result, it not only fits well into the current net metering environment, but its energy management technology can also readily adapt to future policy changes. That's because, unlike less flexible options on the market today, its unique time-of-use load sharing feature enables homeowners to switch from battery to solar and vice versa to manage their own utility bills. 

As other regulations unfold, installers and homeowners can count on the FranklinWH intelligent software to work within the evolving framework and avoid unfavorable consequences – including policies that may permit homeowners with solar panels to sell their excess energy into the electric grid or changes to looming Investment Tax Credit (ITC) policy changes. 

We were also excited to tell installers about our limited time rebate promotion. Once an installer completes the certification process and then finishes the first customer installation of a Franklin Home Power system, FranklinWH will provide one aGate and one aPower free to the installer as a one-time rebate. FranklinWH Certified Installers and Authorized FranklinWH distributors are eligible for the program which runs through December 31, 2022.* 

FranklinWH provides the most advanced whole-home energy management solutions for the renewable energy market, and we are deeply dedicated to the success of our business partners. We remain committed to providing the highest quality products, services, and energy technologies in the marketplace. If you are an installer or distributor, rest assured that we will deliver the most reliable and sustainable home energy management solution for your business.

We're grateful for the opportunity to sponsor the CALSSA 2022 summer installer tour. While the road trip may be in our rear-view mirror, our journey in support of CALSSA and the installer community continues.

We can't wait to join our friends on the road again.

* FranklinWH Installation Certification is required to purchase and install FranklinWH products. Simply apply here, receive a confirmation email from FranklinWH, take the online training, and pass the certification test. It's fast and easy.