FranklinWH Approved for South Australia Power Networks and Solar Victoria Battery Product List

Time: Jan 19, 2024 09:13:46 AM

In a significant stride towards advancing sustainable residential energy solutions in Australia, the FranklinWH home energy management system has now achieved a double milestone. The system has not only been listed by South Australia Power Networks (SAPN), providing access to the local market in South Australia, but has also been placed on the Solar Victoria Battery Product List, meaning homeowners in Victoria who choose to invest in FranklinWH products can now apply for an interest-free loan to support their transition to a cleaner and more efficient energy future.

FranklinWH, a pioneer in the development of innovative home energy solutions, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to addressing the evolving needs of consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives and energy freedom. The FranklinWH home energy management system is designed to empower homeowners with the ability to efficiently manage and store energy at the household level. One of its key features is its intelligent integration of multiple energy sources, including solar power, grid, battery storage, and standby generator, seamlessly managing all different energy sources for optimized energy efficiency and reliable energy supply.

Steve Ruskin, VP of Sales at FranklinWH Australia, expressed excitement about the dual approvals and the positive impact they can have on homeowners in South Australia and Victoria. "We are delighted to have our whole home energy management system listed by South Australia Power Networks and approved for the Solar Victoria Battery Product List. This is a significant step towards realising our vision of making sustainable energy solutions accessible to a broader audience. The inclusion of interest-free loans for homeowners in Victoria is a testament to our commitment to affordability and inclusivity in the journey to energy freedom," said Steve.

As Australia continues to prioritise sustainability and explore ways to reduce its carbon footprint, FranklinWH's dual approval by SAPN and Solar Victoria positions the company as a key player in the nation's clean energy transition. As the nation moves towards a more sustainable energy future, FranklinWH is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of clean energy adoption and empowering households to embrace energy freedom.