FranklinWH's Online Support Platform Is Now Available

Time: May 30, 2022 01:55:55 AM

FranklinWH, a leading whole-home energy storage manufacturer, has rolled out an online support platform to quickly assist dealers, installers, and homeowners with any product issues. Customers can use the Franklin Whole Home (FWH) system to power the home, use more clean energy, save on electrical costs, and prevent power outages during extreme weather or other unplanned power interruption.

To better assist our dealers and installers in providing excellent service to their customers, and our end-users to better use our product, FranklinWH has launched a Support platform. It consists of product and support documents that dealers, installers, and end-users can look through, and a service form to contact us directly.

Who should be using the support platform?

The support platform is built for dealers, installers, and end-users, anyone who is looking for FWH technical support.

How do I get to use the support platform?

The platform includes every technical document of Franklin Whole Home. Here is the introduction of the support platform:

1. Up-to-date technical documents from FranklinWH

Home is the first column in the support platform and consists of two sections: documents and support. You can find the user manual, storage, and transportation guidelines, and other key documents in this section. The support section includes FAQs, and instructions for common problems that you may encounter during the operation of an FHP system.

2. Check warranty clauses in the Warranty column

Warranty is the second section of the support platform. Since FranklinWH provides an industry-leading 12 years warranty to our customers, warranty clauses state all the conditions and terms. While the warranty is for our end-users, dealers and installers can learn about it and better help their customers.

The warranty section includes product warranty, performance warranty, remedies, the warranty claim process, warranty exceptions, limitation on use, limitation of liability, disclaimers of warranty, and modifications and waivers.

3. Submit a ticket

The third option is to submit a ticket. This is the service entrance designed to provide a direct communications channel for homeowners, dealers, and installers. You can also call us at 888-851-3188 for support. All inquiries will be quickly addressed.

4. Get full Installer support and be certified

The fourth section is specifically to support our installers. Installers must be certified to install and maintain the FHP system. This column is where installers can register, go through the installer certification process, and become certified.

Installer support includes four parts. The first part is the installer training course, along with the tests they need to pass. After finishing the course and passing all the tests, the installer will get a certificate. The certificate will be presented in the second part. The third part is the installer tools, where installers can download the FHP mobile app and log in to the FHP system. The fourth part is the FAQ to address questions that installers frequently get during installation and maintenance.

The process goes like this:

a. Become certified as an FWH dealer at

b. The dealer will get a managed account, which can allocate sub-accounts to installers.

c. Installers take the training course.

d. Only certified installers are authorized to activate the FHP system.

If you have any questions along the process, please be free to reach us by submitting a ticket:

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