FranklinWH will showcase its FHP home energy storage solution at RE+ Texas

Time: Apr 16, 2022 11:03:16 AM

San Francisco, CA – Apr. 16, 2022, FranklinWH, a privately funded home energy storage company, will be showcasing its FHP energy solution at RE+ Texas. Texas is the pioneer in renewable energy applications ranked second in solar energy generation in the US. RE+ Texas attracts energy professionals from across the solar and storage market each year. 


Highlight Features of Franklin Home Power Solution. 


  1. 1.Excellent performance. 

Ultra-powerful performance even off-grid, for a better home living experience. 


  1. a.Excellent RTE in the industry. Based on the AC coupled energy storage solution, FranklinWH has brought the energy storage system, aPower with a RTE of up to 89%, effectively improving the utilization rate of green electricity. Every 1% increase in RTE affects 1% more revenue for homeowners. The higher efficiency can maximize the benefits for customers, more efficient and more economical. 


  1. b.Excellent output power. 5 kW on max and 10 kW (up to 10 seconds) on the peak of output power. With the strongest locked rotor Amperage in the industry, FHP can support the instantaneous start of high-power electrical appliances such as AC and pumps, to ensure the reliability and stability of power supply during power outages. 


  1. c.Excellent feature for solar. FHP has the function of solar black start which can automatically wake up your photovoltaic system when there is an outage, allowing you to enjoy hassle-free electricity supply for home even in extreme weather, comfort and peace of mind. 


  1. d.Seamless grid transmission. Bringing an uninterruptible power supply alike experience for life, to keep your network online all the time and caring for your home appliances. 


  1. e.280A rated aGate: aGate's built-in 280A busbar supports a maximum 80A solar connection, to avoid additional main panel upgrade cost ($3000~$5000) and await time (2~12 weeks). 


2. Safety 

Advanced battery design philosophy and management technology 


  1. a.Most reasonable usable capacity. Based on thousands of homeowners’ surveys, the system’s usable capacity is rated 13.6 kWh which is in line with user habits and equivalent to the daily electricity consumption of the family and meets the daily turnover. Meanwhile, FHP can be smoothly expanded if you need a larger capacity at any time, with the scalability of up to 204 kWh to meet the demand of different households, more flexible and powerful. 


  1. b.Pro-active balancing technology. The unique pro-active battery algorithm ensures the battery SOX balancing between cells and systems, avoiding the short board effect that affects battery life. Additionally, the cloud based BMS technology continuously optimizes battery performance through OTA upgrades according to the user's electricity consumption habits, which is long-lasting and worry-free. 


  1. c.Safer battery chemistry. Safety is the primary principle of home energy storage system. Lithium batteries made of LFP chemistry are non-flammable, non-explosive which is safe and reliable. 


  1. d.Higher cycle life. The total cycle times and throughput are up to 6000 times and 43MWh, which are the basis for our commitment to the industry-leading 12-year warranty. 


3. Intelligent 

Energy monitoring and management has never been such easier 


  1. a.Easy control. FHP allows you to remotely monitor and manage the energy usage of your home at anytime and anywhere via various communication methods such as 4G, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. 

  1. b. Easy setting. Easily change the home energy usage modes in your home by one click with FranklinWH APP. (Self-consumption, ToU, backup, etc.) 

  1. c.Easy connect. All-in-One integrated smart circuit and remote generator control functions can be easily set up on the APP, home energy management in your palm of hand. 


FranklinWH impressed customers in the Northeast at the RE+ Northeast event in February with its industry-leading whole-home energy storage solution. The RE+ Texas will also bring you more possibility on business cooperation opportunities, so stay tuned! 


About FranklinWH 

Designed with the end-user in mind, FranklinWH's forward-thinking storage system ensures home comfort while anticipating homeowners' future energy savings. Founded in 2019, the company employs a team of leading storage and power electronics experts. With its culture of innovation, FranklinWH already has more than 30 patents pending. As one of the only manufacturers of residential battery technology to design and produce nearly all its components in-house, FranklinWH delivers higher reliability and performance than competing systems assembled from multiple sources. Learn more about how homeowners can achieve energy freedom at 


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