FranklinWH Has Been Listed in the ESS and PCS by the California Energy Commission

Time: Jun 30, 2022 05:31:23 AM

San Francisco, CA – June. 30, 2022 — FranklinWH, a leading whole-home energy management manufacturer, is proud to announce a significant milestone. The two primary components of the Franklin Home Power system, aGate and aPower have been listed in the California Energy Commission(CEC)'s Power Control System List (PCS) and Energy Storage System List (ESS) as qualified equipment.


The FHP system 


The Franklin Home Power (FHP) system is designed for the energy freedom of homeowners. It consists of two components: aGate and aPower. The aGate acts as a power distribution center and energy management device (EMD). The aPower device contains a DC to AC bi-directional inverter and LFP batteries. 


The intended use case will be like other residential ESS options, charged by a renewable generation source during the day and supplying power to the household load at night. The FHP system will also allow for backup and emergency power supply capabilities, which enables and optimizes self-consumption and provides backup power when the grid goes down. Homeowners can remotely monitor and control their home energy by using a cloud-based FranklinWH mobile app with advanced data security.


Functions of PCS  


1. Import Only Mode for Energy Storage System 

The customers in CA who apply for NEM-ST Schedule are required that no ESS power be exported to the grid. 

The PCS integration in the aPower Energy Storage System supports Import Only Mode for ESS. 

PCS controller ensures that the storage system only exports power to home loads and no ESS power is exported to the grid. 


2. Complying with Power Export Limit regulations (PEL)  

In certain jurisdictions, Export Power regulations limit the maximum current that can be fed back by a Distributed Energy Resource (DER) connected to the grid. For example, the Customer Self-Supply(CSS) Program Customers in Hawaii shall comply with zero-Export system requirements. 

PCS controller ensures that the maximum current backfed from the aGate to the main panel is always the lower of the PEL limit. 




The listing enables FranklinWH customers to join California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) for renewable energy users. Homeowners joining SGIP will get a rebate ranging from 25% to nearly 100%. You can refer to for more details. 


In addition to the SGIP, the FHP is also eligible for the HECO battery bonus program in Hawaii. What's more, FranklinWH customers with a solar roof can get a 26% tax credit. Now is probably your best time to make an order. 


About Franklin Whole Home 


Designed with the homeowner in mind, FranklinWH's forward-thinking storage system ensures home comfort while anticipating homeowners' future energy savings. Founded in 2019, the company employs a team of leading storage and power electronics experts. With its culture of innovation, FranklinWH already has more than 30 patents pending. As one of the only manufacturers of residential battery technology to design and produce nearly all its components in-house, FranklinWH delivers higher reliability and performance than competing systems assembled from multiple sources. Learn more about how homeowners can achieve energy freedom at