FranklinWH Has Been Added to the Mosaic Approved Vendor's List

Time: Jul 6, 2022 08:30:00 PM

San Francisco, CA – June.29, 2022 — FranklinWH, a leading whole-home energy management manufacturer, is proud to announce that we have been added to the Mosaic vendor's list, which means our cooperating installers will be able to get lower-rate loans from Mosaic for selling FranklinWH's products. As a result, installers can provide loans with lower interest rates to homeowners.


Mosaic is a financing company in the clean energy industry. It provides fast and easy loans to homeowners who want to purchase solar, solar plus energy storage systems, and other sustainable home improvements. As of November 2021, Mosaic has surpassed $6 billion in loans funded and has helped more than 185,000 households switch to sustainable home improvements.

Today, the consumer mindset favors monthly payments. Presenting a load with "low monthly payments" frees people from the stress of making a single, large payment. With a low monthly payment, homeowners can choose the best solutions or upgrades for their homes.

Without distributors and installers being able to provide financing options, homeowners may look to other vendors who can provide more accessible financial proposals that better fit their budgets.

Financing options allow homeowners to make the best choice for the future. It gives them access to the best products and therefore increases the vendor margins.


FranklinWH is a leading whole-home energy management manufacturer. Its product, the Franklin Home Power (FHP) system, is revolutionary in the industry.

The FHP system consists of two parts: aGate and aPower.

The aGate control system is the first in the industry to use adaptive learning algorithms, allowing it to effectively manage the most complex load scenarios. This gives it the unique ability not only to safeguard the main panel but also to integrate three additional large loads of the homeowner's choice, including such things as HVAC, pool heating, or electric vehicle charging. Its user-friendly app prompts homeowners to modify consumption when needed or sell power back to the grid at peak rates.

The aPower offers the highest AC battery capacity on the market, which can connect easily with existing solar systems while scaling up to 15 units for a total of 204 kWh to offer maximum home comfort.

As a whole-home power vendor, we are aiming to build a clean future and provide more value to our customers. Being approved by Mosaic demonstrates the qualification of FranklinWH's products for the industry standard and offers an easier financial method for FranklinWH's products to serve more homeowners.

About Franklin Whole Home

Designed with the homeowner in mind, FranklinWH's forward-thinking storage system ensures home comfort while anticipating homeowners' future energy savings. Founded in 2019, the company employs a team of leading storage and power electronics experts. With its culture of innovation, FranklinWH already has more than 30 patents pending. As one of the only manufacturers of residential battery technology to design and produce nearly all its components in-house, FranklinWH delivers higher reliability and performance than competing systems assembled from multiple sources. Learn more about how homeowners can achieve energy freedom at