FranklinWH Has Been Added to the LUMA’s Approved Vendor List in Puerto Rico

Time: Mar 27, 2023 03:08:23 PM

San Jose, CA, Mar 27, 2023 – FranklinWH Energy Storage Inc. (“FranklinWH”), a leader in whole-home energy management, is proud to announce that our Franklin Home Power (FHP) system, has been listed by LUMA in Puerto Rico, which qualifies the FHP for sale in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has committed to using 100% renewable energy to meet its electricity needs by 2050, achieving interim goals of 40% by 2025, and 60% by 2040. It plans to gradually abandon coal-fired generation by 2028 and increase energy efficiency by 30% before 2040. The commitment was established in the Puerto Rico Energy Public Policy Act (Act 17).

We’re pleased that FranklinWH will provide our products and services to Puerto Rico residents and contribute to Puerto Rico’s renewable energy goal. Because power outages are a common and severe energy issue affecting the daily lives of many homeowners in Puerto Rico, FranklinWH’s home energy management and storage system will provide an excellent solution to provide citizens with energy backup so they can gain energy freedom,” says Vincent Ambrose, Chief Commercial Officer at FranklinWH.

Franklin Home Power (FHP) is a whole-home energy management system. The heart of the FHP system are two components: the aGate and aPower units. The aGate is an intelligent home energy management center that integrates solar, battery, grid, and generator power sources and manages them to optimize consistent energy supply, providing rapid backup in case of grid outages. The aPower is a 13.6 kWh AC-coupled battery with a built-in inverter. It uses modern LFP cells that are safer than older technologies and can stack up to fifteen aPower batteries per aGate to support even the heaviest household requirements.

After its first launch at the beginning of 2022, Franklin Home Power has gained massive recognition and reputation from industry partners and end-users. Franklin Home Power was voted the Leading Battery/Storage Solution in 2022 by the Solar Power World community.

For more information about Franklin Home Power, please visit the FranklinWH website.

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FranklinWH Energy Storage is the manufacturer of the Franklin Home Power system (“FHP”). FranklinWH is a research-driven company focused on next-generation residential energy management and storage solution. Founded in 2019, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, and funded by Sequoia Capital, FranklinWH’s team has decades of experience in energy systems, from design, through manufacturing, to sales and installation. We are also AVL listed with multiple financial institutions.

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