FranklinWH engaged DNV to complete the evaluation for its Home Power Solution for bankability

Time: Mar 17, 2022 12:00:00 AM

San Francisco, CA – Mar. 16, 2022, FranklinWH, a privately funded home energy storage company, is pleased to announce its Franklin Home Power Solution (hereinafter” FHP”) has successfully passed the evaluation by DNV’s BESS PQP witness test.

This evaluation is intended to serve as third-party vetting of the for sale in the United States of America, which can help the Business customers grow their lease & banking business of energy storage products.

DNV has divided the Technical Review into several main topic areas for evaluation:

• Company overview

• Product overview, including the cell, module, and support systems

• Communication, controls, and software review

• Safety and certifications validation

• Installation requirements

• Quality review

• Onsite inspection of the manufacturing facility

After a system-level test and evaluation for the FHP, DNV released the BESS PQP witness testing report and due diligence report for FranklinWH. These reports represent DNV’s final Independent Engineering review intended for financial institutions, FranklinWH customers, and project developers. DNV is uniquely qualified to conduct this study due to its extensive background and experience in solar, wind, and energy storage independent engineering and technology due diligence work.

aPower and aGate, which are the AC battery and energy management devices, are the key component of the FHP. Also, the cloud-based application allows homeowners to remote control and monitor whole-home energy and enjoy hassle-free energy freedom.

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About FranklinWH

Designed with the end-user in mind, FranklinWH's forward-thinking storage system ensures home comfort while anticipating homeowners' future energy savings. Founded in 2019, the company employs a team of leading storage and power electronics experts. With its culture of innovation, FranklinWH already has more than 30 patents pending. As one of the only manufacturers of residential battery technology to design and produce nearly all its components in-house, FranklinWH delivers higher reliability and performance than competing systems assembled from multiple sources. Learn more about how homeowners can achieve energy freedom at

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