Franklin Whole Home Receives Permitting Green Light from Honolulu

Time: Jan 12, 2023 01:35:59 PM

San Jose, CA. - January 10th, 2023. FranklinWH, a leading whole-home energy management solution provider, announced today that it has received the coveted Materials and Methods (M&M) Certification from the City and County of Honolulu’s Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP). With the announcement, solar energy storage system (ESS) installers on the island of Oahu can now reference the Franklin Home Power M&M Certification to fast-track the standard residential permitting process and save time and money on a homeowner’s rooftop solar and storage project. Now, homeowners can start to enjoy the benefits of their solar and FranklinWH system sooner without uncontrollable permitting delays.


Franklin Home Power (FHP) is a whole-home energy management solution that integrates solar, battery, grid, and generator power sources and manages them to optimize the safety, reliability, and efficiency of a home's energy needs.


FHP already has a strong presence in other regions of Hawaii. With the M&M Certification, installers can now also offer the system to residents of Honolulu, the state's most populous county.


Hawaii is a leader in establishing bold clean energy goals, including its commitment to achieving the nation’s first-ever 100 percent renewable portfolio standards by the year 2045. In 2022, it became the first state in the U.S. to implement a ban on coal with the closing of its final coal-powered plant in its push to be 100 percent renewable.


Abundant sunshine makes solar power a natural clean energy choice for Hawaii residents. The Hawaiian islands experience frequent storms and rely on a fragile electric grid, and solar systems alone have a major limitation — they cannot provide 24x7 power during a blackout. But solar plus energy storage systems offer that energy independence.


“FranklinWH is poised to be an integral part of Hawaii’s clean energy imperative,” said FrankinWH CEO and co-founder Gary Lam. “Our whole home energy system is extensively tested and designed to go beyond basic storage needs with a powerful battery and smart controls to enhance a homeowner’s quality of life.”


FHP’s powerful, fully integrated system consists of the aGate, a cloud-based smart energy control system, and the aPower — a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery offering the highest AC capacity on the market. FranklinWH stands behind the aPower with a 12-year standard warranty, the longest of any residential battery currently on the market.


“We appreciate the due diligence of the Department of Planning and Permitting to validate solutions such as FHP as meeting the City and County of Honolulu’s exceptional standards for electrical, residential and fire safety,” said Douglas Amarhanow, FranklinWH Project Manager who coordinated efforts through the DPP’s rigorous permitting process. “We are honored to be awarded the Materials and Methods Certification and value the confidence this instills in residential installers and homeowners.” 


FranklinWH solutions are in stock and readily available to meet homeowner demand in Hawaii through authorized FranklinWH distributors who can be found at Installers interested in becoming FranklinWH certified installers can initiate the process at


For more information about FranklinWH’s energy management solutions, visit FranklinWH during the Intersolar conference on February 14 -16, 2023 in Long Beach, CA at Booth #723.


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FranklinWH Energy Storage is the manufacturer of the Franklin Home Power system (FHP). FranklinWH is a research-driven company focused on next-generation residential energy management and storage solutions. Founded in 2019, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, and funded by Sequoia Capital, FranklinWH’s team has decades of experience in energy systems, from design, through manufacturing, to sales and installation.


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