What is the BYOD Program?

By joining the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, you can save money while helping to reduce carbon emissions and costs for all Green Mountain Power (GMP) customers. When you agree to share energy from your FranklinWH batteries during high energy use times, GMP will pay you an up-front rebate. By joining the BYOD program, you are adding resiliency at home, and helping your neighbors by sharing energy through GMP.

Receive up to $10,500 toward your home battery purchase when you enroll and agree to share your stored energy with GMP.

How does GMP BYOD work?

BYOD means you are helping your neighbors by sharing the clean power of your home device with your community during the peak-demand periods, when energy is most expensive and carbon intensive. Your participation cuts costs and carbon for Vermonters.

Receive a rebate for the
power you supply.

Benefit from knowing your system is helping to cut carbon emissions and costs for all GMP customers!

Peak Events

Peaks happen about 5-8 times a month and last an avg. 3-6 hours. The enrollment period is 10 years.

Internet Connection Required

The devices enrolled in the BYOD program must maintain an internet connection.

Incentive Rate

$850 per kW enrolled for 3 hours of discharge, $950 for 4 hours of discharge. Batteries in high-need areas get $100 extra per kW enrolled.

Please check Green Mountain Power BYOD for incentive specifics. Above values are for reference only.

How to enroll in the BYOD program?
Step 1

Get your own Franklin Home Power (FHP) system.

Step 2

Fill out the enrollment form at the Virtual Peaker website for FranklinWH and obtain the Pairing Code.

Step 3

Enter the Pairing Code in the FranklinWH App and select the devices to enroll after getting the application approval.

Step 4

Check the event notifications and view the event list and details via the FranklinWH App.

Check the Enrollment Guidance

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