What is the
Energy Storage
Solutions Program?

Energy Storage Solutions is a new program designed to help Eversource and United Illuminating (UI) customers install energy storage at their homes or businesses in Connecticut. Energy Storage Solutions will help create a more reliable, energy resilient Connecticut, especially for vulnerable communities and those hit hardest by storm-related outages.

Energy storage does more than just help during an outage! You also gain financial incentives for helping the community by providing energy to the grid.

Energy Storage Solutions is overseen by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA). It is paid for by ratepayers and is administered by Connecticut Green Bank, Eversource, and UI (Program Administrators).

Energy Storage Solutions lowers the cost of a battery by providing both upfront and performance incentives

Upfront Incentives
Performance Incentives
Upfront Incentives
The lower of battery rated energy capacity(kWh) * [applicable rate] or 50% of battery total installed cost.
Maximum per project incentive of $16,000, regardless of above calculations.
Low Income, Underserved Communities, and Grid-Edge Customers gain a larger incentive. Check the qualifications.

Incentive values above are shown for reference only. Please confirm incentives with the utility website for full details and eligibility.

How does it work?

Connect with us to select an eligible and FranklinWH certified installer to install a Franklin Home Power system at your home. Customers receive an upfront incentive to reduce the battery costs as long as they are registered for passive dispatch.

Contractor applies to and works with Connecticut Green Bank on the next steps. Once the initial application is reviewed and approved, Connecticut Green Bank will issue a Reservation of Funds (ROF) for the customer.

Once installation is complete, the contractor must submit a second round of paperwork (referred to as a Completion Application) to Green Bank to verify the completion of the project.

Green Bank will issue payment of the Upfront Incentive once the Completion Application is approved and the customer’s system is connected with EnergyHub.


Your battery will export energy to the utility on summer and winter days to reduce peak electricity demand. However, if a storm is approaching, the utility will not use your battery stored power.

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