What is ConnectedSolutions?

ConnectedSolutions is a grid services program in New England. If you are a customer of Eversource, Cape Light Compact, National Grid, or Rhode Island Energy, you can earn incentives for allowing your battery to be used during high demand periods.

All events will occur each year between 3 pm and 8 pm from June 1 through September 30. More info

The reward rate is locked in place for the first 5 summers the customer is enrolled in ConnectedSolutions.

If there is an extreme weather event in the forecast, the utility will not draw energy from the customer batteries.

How does it work?

Step 1

Confirm you are eligible for the ConnectedSolutions program.

Step 2

Apply. Go to ConnectedSolutions.

Step 3

By enrolling in ConnectedSolutions, you will be rewarded for allowing program administrators to use the energy stored in your battery at times of high demand.

Step 4

The utilities will be responsible for issuing the payment by the end of the year.

Incentive Structure

Application Process

Certified installation and commissioning of the Franklin Home Power system

Enroll customer in ConnectedSolutions through the FranklinWH App

Customer agrees to terms and conditions through the FranklinWH App

FranklinWH will need to approve the application, which triggers the utility approval process

After both approvals, the customer is enrolled into the program

Check the Enrollment Guidance

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If you are an installer and want to learn more, please contact FranklinWH at service@franklinwh.com.

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