What Is Energy Storage

Home energy storage · Nov 15, 2022

Most of the energy used in residential and commercial areas comes from a plant source but with the emergence of renewable energy usage and off-grid living. There are now ways to economically lessen and environmentally help electricity consumption.

Energy storage is basically capturing the energy produced from a source and storing it to be used later. This energy is commonly stored in a battery or other new technologies today. 

Energy comes in a lot of different forms, and it can also be stored differently. It depends on what and how much you are storing at one time. 

Storing energy is also done on a larger scale to balance the production and demand of energy, but for the most basic uses, energy storage is very useful at home.

Home Energy Storage

As we’ve said, energy storage is very common with home setups. Most commonly, they are used to store more renewable energy, such as solar energy. Energy storage acts as a reserve in case the main energy provider has problems with the distribution of power.

The energy collected is mostly stored in a battery which can be used as a generator for the whole house, the bigger and better the storage is, the more energy you can keep. 

Power transmission from the station to residential areas can be interrupted due to transmission losses in electrical grids, especially when it is distributed in densely populated areas. Consuming energy that is collected and used in the same place can reduce the inefficiencies in grid transport; energy storage can help with that, even so, when paired with an energy collecting system as well.

Off-Grid Living

Energy storage is most famous among people who have decided to switch off-the-grid living. Living in these conditions usually means being inaccessible to main energy sources, but more open to the opportunity of using renewable energy.

Most of the people who do live off the grid are looking for ways to increase their sustainability and live economically. Energy storage is also cost-efficient, mainly because you are providing and consuming your own unlimited energy with backup. 

Aside from solar power, there are a lot of sources you can get energy from when living off-grid. So, the battery size and collection system will differ on the resources as well as the size of the house it is meant to be powering. 

Storage Devices

There is a lot of technology already in the market that mainly caters to the storage of energy, and all the necessities and benefits that come with it. You want to consider all the factors that play into storing energy in your living state.

Products like Franklin Home Power offer the best options for your home energy storage. 

They help you monitor and back up your energy consumption and safeguard your home from any transmission losses in the grid. Their products give all the benefits of energy storage without the extra hassle, they are easy to install, sustainable, and flexible.

Their home energy system lets you set up energy-saving strategies and offers special functions for your home right in an app to make it more convenient.

Energy Storage Benefits

By this point, it can’t be denied how useful energy storage is, but here are a few more of its benefits. 


Investing in proper systems that are right for your needs creates long-term reliability. It will give you the security that you and your home are constantly powered.

Save Money

Energy storage ideally cuts down the power cost with its help in balancing supply and demand.


Storing energy lessens the amount of electricity that is distributed to your home through renewable options and features that come along with it. This will help you reduce the environmental impact of energy collection and distribution.

Power Quality

Because you are providing your own power or at least filling in where there might be losses in grid transmission, not only will the amount of energy you can readily consume increase but also the quality.

Grid Service

In some cases, when the battery has stored more than enough energy, it can transmit the excess back to the power station’s main grid. This works when the energy collected is from a renewable source. In some way, energy storage also gives back to the main electricity provider.

Wrap Up

Energy storage is an economical and environmental solution to a problem and necessity that we may not realize is important. Power has become such a vital part of our daily lives and it is important to ensure that we are getting the right amount of it. 

Energy storage not only gives a sense of security should any issues arise with the transmission of electricity from the grid to your system, but it also allows you to be efficient financially and help the environment.

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