Understanding Residential Intelligent Energy Management Solution

Home energy management · Dec 2, 2022

Smart and clean energy usage and production have been buzzwords in recent years, and this trend does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon! The rising awareness of the environmental impact of electrical energy consumption has spurred interest in the market for residential intelligent energy management solutions.

Home energy monitoring systems used by households and commercial facilities currently give users significant economic, social, and environmental benefits.

In this post, we'll go over the fundamentals of residential intelligent energy management solutions and explain how such systems help homeowners make the most of their energy consumption.

The Basics of Residential Intelligent Energy Management Solution

The definition of “Residential Intelligent Energy Management Solution” will vary slightly depending on whom you ask. However, you may think of it as a platform made up of both hardware and software that allows users to track and manage energy usage and production in their homes.

The system is often comprised of a 'hub' device that conveys signals between what is going on within the house, the user, and the source of electricity in certain situations. This hub is often installed on the electrical board of the building. Other less important components could include smart devices and sensors.

What about the software component? From the user's perspective, the software is the program that provides access to surveillance data and system control capabilities.

Typically, the interface takes the shape of an app or a website. Many of these software packages are designed to improve energy efficiency, but others are designed to control equipment remotely and automatically for convenience.

In terms of monitoring, the level of intricacy with which the data is displayed will vary. Nonetheless, a platform would typically include capabilities such as device and appliance energy consumption statistics, time granularity, and analytics-based smart suggestions.

How a Residential Intelligent Energy Management Solution Can Benefit You

A residential intelligent energy management solution is an excellent approach to cutting your energy usage and expenditure. Long-term savings can be achieved through energy consumption optimization, which involves arranging time-based appliance operations to correspond with off-peak energy usage.

The capability to work in conjunction with solar and battery technologies to further optimize energy use by allowing the user to control when gadgets and appliances are turned on to utilize solar energy. Overall, it provides consumers with peace of mind because they can monitor and control their houses' energy consumption as needed.

Despite the fact that a residential intelligent energy management solution is still rather expensive, particularly in terms of installation and complex smart home technologies, people continue to get it for their homes. 

As previously said, maintaining and utilizing a home energy management system allows you to optimize energy consumption, resulting in long-term energy bill savings.

What Makes a Reliable Residential Intelligent Energy Management Solution?

The range of applications available for home energy management systems might vary substantially. A good one, on the other hand, will incorporate at least these four basic components of a home energy management system:

1. On-Grid Electricity Monitoring and Management

The essential role of a versatile residential intelligent energy management solution must be the monitoring of electricity within a home. It should let the user monitor how devices are performing and remotely manage or adjust their function.

Furthermore, such solutions are designed primarily to save money. Crucial aspects in power consumption monitoring will include grid power pricing, whether on-grid electricity usage is on time for minimal billing, and whether solar energy or storage is available on-premise.

The energy management solution must also be able to work in an off-grid situation. Its role becomes even more important in such scenarios to guarantee that energy is used efficiently so that it is also available whenever needed.

2. Solar PV Production Monitoring and Management

In many places, residential solar panels have become ubiquitous, allowing households to generate a portion of their own electricity. Depending on the situation and the incentive scheme, a photovoltaic user may prioritize the self-consumption of solar energy or export as much as allowed to the grid.

The addition of photovoltaic battery storage complicates the equation even further. As a result, a home energy management solution with a comprehensive solar power monitoring and management feature is an even more appealing choice for homes with solar power generation.

3. Battery Storage Monitoring and Management

The next frontier in household energy is battery storage. It holds the key to greater residential energy self-sufficiency and reduced electricity costs, not to mention the long-term viability of the electricity grid.

However, to maximize the value of a battery system, an intelligent management system that can take into account many variables is required. As a result, you'll need a system that can tell you if you're on a time-of-use or flat-rate tariff and if you get any incentive for feeding collected energy into the grid.

4. Comprehensive Mobile App

A reliable mobile application is required for a residential intelligent energy management solution. Having merely a website platform is inadequate because it frequently lacks numerous functions for immediately monitoring and controlling electricity usage at home.

An effective residential intelligent energy management solution should include monitoring of electricity consumption, cost computation and projection, remote control and monitoring, and an adaptive backup system. If a system lacks one of these, you should look for another option.

Key Takeaway

Now that you have learned the basics of a residential intelligent energy management solution and what to look for in one, you might be wondering where you can get one. If you are looking for a reliable solution from a reputable company, then you should go for FranklinWH.

Whether you already have a house PV power or are considering installing one, adding a FranklinWH home energy management system is a smart decision.

Customers and media outlets have applauded the company for its innovation. It puts a strong focus on home energy management, combining solar, storage, power systems, and even electric generators into a whole-house system that provides security, dependability, and energy independence for users.

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