Home Storage as An Energy-Saving Solution for Your Home

Home energy storage · Dec 15, 2022

Solar panels and wind farms can now provide electricity for less than the cost of fossil fuels. It’s hard to argue that these renewable sources are already becoming more competitive in terms of pricing with fossil fuels.

Furthermore, many households now benefit from solar incentives and other perks after switching to cleaner energy sources. But did you know that you can do more to reduce your electricity consumption as a customer?

In this post, we will discuss how home energy storage can be an energy-saving solution for your home. Let’s find out how it can help you minimize energy consumption and do good for the environment.

The Importance of a Home Energy Storage Solution

For many years, many people considered home energy storage to be a novelty or a product exclusive for those who lived off-grid. There's a lot of buzz about batteries but also a lot of uncertainty and disinformation.

So, how can you simply understand how a home battery solution can help you save energy in your home? Batteries, in essence, lower your electricity bill by storing electricity when the rate is cheap and releasing it when the rate is high.

Furthermore, many of the home batteries on the market today include a smart storage system. This allows you to keep track of your energy usage online and manage how the batteries charge and discharge, including recharging only when the grid's electricity tariff is the most affordable.

Energy storage has become far more popular in houses using on-grid electricity. But what about solar-powered homes? Can they reap the same advantages that homes with on-grid electricity do?

If you have a renewable energy generation system in your home, such as solar PV, you will certainly produce more electricity than you use at times. There will be periods of strong supply and low demand on your system, with any surplus sent back into the grid.

Many households with excess solar energy production are currently compensated through a feed-in tariff scheme. Most of them are paid based on how much solar electricity they produce and are presumed to use at least, rather than what amount they genuinely export.

The authorities' practice is known as “deeming” which is fixed at 50% of the overall generation for the majority of people. That being said, if you can save a little more of the excess electricity and use it when you have to use it, you will still get compensated the same for your export while spending less on on-grid energy consumption.

Is a Home Energy Storage Solution the Right Option for You?

Unfortunately, a home energy storage system is not cheap. However, this does not stop it from being a sound financial investment. If you put a large number of panels on your roof and produce an excessive amount of energy, you should consider storage alternatives.

A home energy storage solution can significantly assist you in "flattening" the load. As previously stated, such a system, when combined with intelligent software, may track a building's load and cut demand costs by deploying battery power during high-demand periods.

It also allows you to engage in demand response initiatives. Participation in demand response markets can be enabled through energy storage without affecting on-site power use or activities. Storage systems can maximize overall financial return from participating in the program by responding to utility price signals, while also benefitting the grid as a whole.

More importantly, aside from the economic advantages, a home energy storage system can also serve as an ideal power backup source. It delivers continuous power to your home at all times, including during outages caused by severe weather.

There is no need to suffer the loss of heating or lighting because of power outages, and you may go about your business as usual. Even if there are no sudden catastrophic events, it can be utilized to deal with other situations and keep your family's electricity supply running at all times.

With all of the advantages outlined above, are you convinced enough to install an energy storage system in your home? Or are you unsure where to go for a high-quality energy storage solution?

FranklinWH's home energy storage solution is one alternative you should consider. Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, FranklinWH has extensive experience in energy systems, from configuration and production to installation and maintenance.

This company provides a residential home storage solution that consists of three components: aPower batteries, the aGate smart system, and the FranklinWH app. For your money, you receive all of the aforementioned features plus a 12-year warranty that covers faults in supply and installation as well as power production.

Key Takeaway

As consumers look for more innovative products to help the planet and save money, brands offer more fancy gadgets than ever. Nonetheless, not all "energy-saving" items are worthwhile, and many are a complete waste of money.

Luckily, FranklinWH is there to help you get the right energy-saving solution for your home. This company's crew is comprised of professionals in their respective fields, so you need not be concerned about the quality of the products and services.

Please do not hesitate to contact FranklinWH if you have any questions about the home energy storage system or any of their other solutions. FranklinWH's team will gladly answer any concerns you have and assist you in finding the most appropriate products and services for your needs!

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