6 Driving Factors that People Turn to Renewable Energy

Industry insights · Apr 27, 2023

Renewable energy is becoming more familiar. We know that climate change is actually happening. We learn it from constant news about the extreme weather in different places and record-breaking temperature increases every year. We know that the fossil fuel supply is limited while the sun isn’t. Renewable energy is key to providing continued energy for modern society in a way that provides for a sustainable future, a clean future with a healthy ecosystem.

There are six factors driving why people turn to renewable energy to use in their daily lives.

Cost Savings

Money is definitely the primary incentive. Renewable energy is much less expensive than traditional energy sources or could even be free. While it might require a significant initial investment, the lower price of production and the savings from the grid can pay back that investment in a few years.

Solar is the most common renewable energy source used in US households. The sun’s energy is abundant and free. It will not be affected by geographical restrictions or political issues. As long as the sun shows up, you can generate power with a solar system.

With renewable technology advances, the cost savings are expected to become even more significant. For example, home energy storage is one of the innovations that can greatly improve your solar efficiency. Your excess solar power production will not be wasted, it will be stored in the battery so you can use it when the sun is down.

Energy Independence

As most of the renewable energy sources are free, for instance, wind, solar, water, etc., people can get it independently with the right tools. If there is a sunny day, you generate your own electricity and never need to worry about increasing electricity prices or power outages due to poor grid infrastructure.

With home energy storage, your energy independence will be immensely increased. The solar energy that you generate but don’t have the chance to immediately use may now be stored to use whenever it is needed. You will gain complete energy independence by combining sufficient solar production and energy storage for your home.

Environmental Concerns

Yes, people care. People want to live in a green, harmonious, and sustainable environment and be surrounded by nature.

That’s why more and more people are choosing renewable energy for a better planet and a better future. The growing awareness of the negative impact of fossil fuels on the environment has increased the demand for renewable energy sources.

Government Incentives

Along with the direct cost savings mentioned above, there are national and state incentives that encourage US residents to adopt renewable energy. The Inflation Reduction Act can offset up to 30% of the purchase price as a tax credit. In states such as California and Hawaii, there are state incentives that provide considerable benefits to solar adopters.

Government incentives are one of the strong forces that attract many early renewable energy adopters.

Public Perception

Renewable energy is becoming more mainstream as people are becoming more aware of its benefits. When modern electric cars first came out, high-profile and high-income people in Silicon Valley were the first adopters. They view renewable energy as a more advanced lifestyle. Afterward, many famous figures and celebrities adopted renewable energy as well. Those early adopters helped drive public awareness as well as product innovation, and dropping prices has helped increase public availability and awareness.

Technological Advances

With the technological improvements, the costs of renewable energy products have been falling, including for single households. As a result, more people are able to consider adopting renewable energy in their homes.

Technological advances haven’t only decreased the price points, but they have also increased the efficiency of renewable energy tools. The resulting combination provides more energy for less money. Home energy storage is one of the advanced technologies that greatly improve solar efficiency.


With cost, production, and environmental factors being considered, turning to renewable energy increasingly becomes a more rational choice. With grid failure and extreme weather happening more often, not to mention the increasing electricity prices, turning to renewable energy will give you greener energy independence, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re sufficiently powered and are contributing to a sustainable future.

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