Black Start Application in Prolonged Outage Scenario Due to Extreme Weather

Home energy storage · Nov 23, 2023

Recently, a prolonged power outage occurred in Puerto Rico due to extreme weather. While the grid was down, home battery power was used up. As a result, residents suffered for several days completely without any electricity.

In circumstances such as this, which are becoming increasingly more common, home batteries alone could not meet the backup demand of prolonged power outages. For instance, while solar energy might provide power during the day, it stops at night and the stored battery power might be fully consumed. A home energy management system with energy storage is required to bring the power back.

Take the FranklinWH Black Start function for example. When battery storage is emptied during a prolonged outage, the FranklinWH system will check the solar system for production. If there is enough energy being produced, the FranklinWH system will automatically reconnect solar and provide the generated power.

The power generated may be used both for household demand and to charge the batteries. The homeowners can choose when and how to distribute that power, home first or battery first.

That is why batteries alone will not be as efficient and powerful as an energy management system for backup power. In prolonged outage scenarios, restarting your solar system and being able to live off-grid will provide unmeasurable value.

Even though generators can contribute to such scenarios, they are usually noisy and environmentally unfriendly, and the costs are much bigger than using a battery system and solar energy. As a good supplement to a home battery system, combining the two makes the best energy backup solution for the home.

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